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Why canned wine?

Compared to glass, aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Saving approximately 95% of the energy required to make a can from new raw materials. Also, cans are 400x lighter than glass bottles, reducing emissions from shipping by up to 80%. Even the boxes we ship our wine in are designed so they are recyclable!

No accessories needed, enjoy everywhere. Perfect for everywhere and anywhere, cans are great in places where glass is not: poolside, beach, golf course, spa, concerts, and parks. Cans are lighter and easier to bring anywhere with you.

What about the quality?

Same taste as bottles - modern wine cans don’t transmit an aluminum taste, and have a protective coating or liner. Several blind tastings have been done comparing the same wine from bottles and cans, and test groups have not been able to detect a reliable difference between the two formats.

Where do you ship?

At first, we only deliver to California. But stay tuned, we'll gradually add other locations as well.

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